Learning how to build Wealth from The Ayalas (9th Richest Family in the Philippines)

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Great insights we can learn from the Philippine's 9th richest family, the Ayalas.

MANILA – The Ayala family is among the richest billionaires in the country, and they endured world wars, dictatorships, political rebellions and global financial crises to form the largest conglomerate in the Philippines.
ANC On The Money's resident financial adviser Salve Duplito said there are three lessons to learn from the Ayalas:

1) It takes time to build wealth.
The Ayala Corporation was founded in 1834, and its success today took 180 years of hard work.
“When we look at somebody a lot wealthier than us, we must look beyond their big houses, posh cars, huge parties, and lifestyle. Before they got there, chances are they worked hard and long and sacrificed a lot too,” Duplito said on ANC’s “On The Money.”

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