Week In Review: College Football & Haters

This week in review covers quick paydays, exclusive pre-game football parties with Shoemoney, affiliate marketing investment and much more!

  • Ultimate College Football & Internet Marketing Experience – If you’re a college football fan and an Internet marketer, you’ll want to check this out. Doesn’t dinner with Shoemoney, an exclusive pre-game party, a football game, a tour of ShoeMoney Media Group’s offices and more sound great?
  • Should You Take the Money and Run? – Acquisitions are all over the news lately. Would you keep your company or take the money? Does taking the quick payday make you a terrible entrepreneur? Let’s find out using some seriously high profile examples.
  • 2 Biggest Mistakes New Affiliates Make – With so many mistakes to be made, what are new affiliates’ biggest offences? It turns out that these two common missteps go hand-in-hand with one another.
  • How Much Do I Have To Spend To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing? – Ah, the age-old question of how much investment is required for profit. There’s just simply no hard and fast rule that will provide a definite answer. Learn all there is to know about the variables involved instead.
  • Blackhat Tactic: How to Use Trusted Heuristics to Get Clicks – How can your campaign benefit from the positive reputation of another brand? More importantly, how can you benefit without infringing on trademarks? It’s a fine line.
  • GAME OVER: Affiliate Marketing Is Dead – Why does it seem like everyone and their dog hates affiliate marketing at its very core? In the words of Mac Miller, “We gonna take over the world while the haters gettin’ mad.”
  • PPC Affiliate Marketing Update: 2 Weeks Later – A lot can happen in just two short weeks. Unfortunately, the changes we see might not be the changes we were hoping for. Click here to check in with Tyler Cruz’s PPC journey.

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"Promising Returns" Variable Unit Linked Insurance and the PSEi

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I am a Money Magnet! We are Money Magnets!

As we were browsing entries in Facebook, we came across this article entitled "Philamlife lures Pinoys with new insurance-investment schemes."  Here's an excerpt from the news article:

Philamlife Lures Pinoys with New Insurance-Investment Schemes
by Edgardo Tugade December 3, 2012.
source: GMANews

The Philippine American Life Insurance Co. (Philamlife) on Monday said it was mostly foreigners who took advantage of the growing Philippine economy by directly investing in industries, while Filipinos kept their money in low-yielding accounts.

Thus, the insurer is introducing new products to help Filipinos benefit from the economic growth of 7.1 percent as measured by the gross domestic product in the third quarter, the fastest growth in South East Asia.

The company is promising returns of at least 8 percent in an insurance and investment plan. 

Rex Mendoza, Philamlife president and chief executive officer, said most Filipinos placed their hard-earned money in savings or time deposits which earn 0.375 percent and 2.75 percent per year, and cannot even catch up with the benign inflation rate at 3.1 percent.

As you probably know already, the Philippines Stock Exchange Composite Index (PSEi) has reached a new all-time high of 6,171 this January 2013.  As a result, insurance and investment companies are banking on this positive development and are aggressively marketing their investment products. (Read more after the jump)

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